Reinforcement Struts Explained

Maybe you are noticing it for the first time, maybe you are about to replace or upgrade the garage door, or maybe you’re just curious about that U-shaped steel bar secured to the inside of the door. What is it? What’s its purpose?
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Let’s Throw a Party…in the Garage!

Are you planning a birthday party, office get-together, graduation celebration, or holiday party? Are you expecting a larger-than-normal group? If so, this is the perfect time to use your garage as the perfect party space! You don’t need to worry about squeezing all of those people into your home when the garage has plenty of room available. It can also double as an extra patio space when your party gets rained out. With some space and a little imagination, anything is possible in the garage!
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How to Know if a Combination Garage and Pedestrian Door Is for You

Imagine walking up to your one-car garage and being able to open a regularly sized door cleverly concealed in the larger door’s overall design. Sounds pretty advanced, doesn’t it? Yet, it is actually an option for anyone considering a new build or update to their garage.
Naturally, there are going to be a few pros and cons to such a design, so let’s take a few moments to consider them.
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Why Your Garage Door is the MVP of Your Home

It’s not the flashiest part of your home, nor does it demand attention. Yet you’d be hard-pressed to find another object or piece of equipment in your home that does more for your overall well-being than your garage door.
Quietly but steadfastly, your garage door endures performance challenges that would likely prove the better of just about anything else in the home. The list of those challenges will likely make you think twice about downplaying your garage door in the future. It should also make you realize just how important it is to have a good garage door doing all that unforgiving work.
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I’m thinking about insulating my garage, is it worthwhile?

If you’re contemplating whether or not to insulate your garage, you probably know by now that there is no set rule. Some government organizations say that the common wall between your home and an attached garage must have a certain R-value, as must any ceilings that have rooms above them. There are currently no regulations for detached garages.
So, if there are no concrete regulations, why would you bother? Of course, it mainly depends on what you use your garage for, but if you’re in there often, you will be a lot more comfortable with insulation (and maybe even heating). Read More

Which Lighting Is Best For My Garage?

When building a garage, which type of lighting is best? Or for those of us with existing garages, what to do if our current lighting just isn’t enough? What about fixtures for the exterior of my home, are they necessary? Good lighting is always important. It provides safety, prevents accidents, brightens your space and reduces eye-strain… even in the garage! In this blog post, let’s look at our favorite tips to help you brighten your space.
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Should you go with two single or one double garage door?

If you are currently designing your home, you might now find yourself in the position of needing to decide between two single garage doors, or one double garage. This is a great choice to be presented with, and we aim to help you decide which one is the best for you and your dream home!
Below are some of our professional insights that we hope will help you make an informed decision that takes into account your individual needs and the overall design of your house.
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A Broken Garage Door Spring Is a Professional Repair Job

If you think you hear heard a clap of thunder or even a gunshot in the garage, it is likely that you arrived on the scene to discover a snapped spring on one part of the door. “I’ll be able to swap it out for a new one,” you think, but in this case you’d be wrong.
Why? To keep things as simple as possible, the entire weight of your garage door is placed on that spring and the system it powers. This can mean that the spring is responsible for anywhere between 125 to 300 pounds of lift (that translates to 57 to 136kg). There is also the weight of the glass and framing for any windows. This means it is not really any sort of DIY venture.
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