Garage Flooring: Learn Your Options

Have you ever entered a garage with a clean and appealing floor? You might have wondered how they did it because most garage floors show a lot of wear, tear and staining. From the oil spills and tire tracks, the mud and dirt, the gear and toys…the garage floor can take a lot of abuse.
In fact, it can take so much that we might not even think of garage flooring past the concrete foundation. Yet, there are garage flooring options ideal for any space. Let’s consider some factors key to choosing the right ones and then look at your options.
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Having a garage door problem? Should you fix it, or do you need a new door?

Is your garage door making weird sounds? Does it not work as well as it used to? You might be thinking about changing it soon, perhaps next season. But the longer you wait, the more in danger you become!
There are several reasons why your door may not be operating as smoothly as it used to. Perhaps it has even stopped working altogether. To help you understand what may have broken your door, and what kind of immediate decisions you need to make for part or all of the door, here is a guide to provide some clarity.
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Ensure Your Garage Is Safe for Kids

Most of us would never really leave our kids alone in the garage. There’s just too much that could happen. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn your garage into a safe place for them the play and spend time. Obviously, you’ll need to make some considerations here. If you use your garage as a workshop and there are lots of dangerous tools around, or if there are flammable liquids stored there, you’ll need to either store those items elsewhere, or change your mind about letting the kids play in the garage. Let’s run through some important tips to help make the garage safer for your little ones.
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Glass garage doors – a world of versatility

People the world over are increasingly turning their back gardens into outdoor living spaces; places you can relax just as comfortably as inside, places you can admire nature, and moreover, places you can enjoy time with friends and family.

It might sound strange, but garage doors don’t always have to be used on garages…
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Reinforcement Struts Explained

Maybe you are noticing it for the first time, maybe you are about to replace or upgrade the garage door, or maybe you’re just curious about that U-shaped steel bar secured to the inside of the door. What is it? What’s its purpose?
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Let’s Throw a Party…in the Garage!

Are you planning a birthday party, office get-together, graduation celebration, or holiday party? Are you expecting a larger-than-normal group? If so, this is the perfect time to use your garage as the perfect party space! You don’t need to worry about squeezing all of those people into your home when the garage has plenty of room available. It can also double as an extra patio space when your party gets rained out. With some space and a little imagination, anything is possible in the garage!
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How to Know if a Combination Garage and Pedestrian Door Is for You

Imagine walking up to your one-car garage and being able to open a regularly sized door cleverly concealed in the larger door’s overall design. Sounds pretty advanced, doesn’t it? Yet, it is actually an option for anyone considering a new build or update to their garage.
Naturally, there are going to be a few pros and cons to such a design, so let’s take a few moments to consider them.
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Why Your Garage Door is the MVP of Your Home

It’s not the flashiest part of your home, nor does it demand attention. Yet you’d be hard-pressed to find another object or piece of equipment in your home that does more for your overall well-being than your garage door.
Quietly but steadfastly, your garage door endures performance challenges that would likely prove the better of just about anything else in the home. The list of those challenges will likely make you think twice about downplaying your garage door in the future. It should also make you realize just how important it is to have a good garage door doing all that unforgiving work.
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