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The G-1000 model is available in 10 colors, such as Grey, Savana, Tundra, Blue Heron, and Evergreen. It is coated with polyester-based baked paint that resists corrosion. This model features a unique texture reminiscent of rustic wood grain, and customers may choose from 2 types of embossing, and 2 to 4 horizontal grooves that can molded into each panel. The G-1000 commercial door is made of 1 ¾" thick aluminum. It is injected with polyurethane foam, which ensures a thermal insulation factor of R-16. As a result, given that the hardware supports much less weight, the door system will last longer. If you need an oversize garage door, the G-1000 is the most logical choice.


  • Aluminum pre-paint (five coats of protective finish) thickness of 0.60 mm.
    Woodgrain finish on both sides of the door.Garaga garage door G-1000 

  • Rustproof baked-on polyester paint. Can be repainted.

  • 1 3/4 in. (44.5 mm) insulated door with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam ensuring a high thermal-resistance rating of R-16 (RSI 2.8) (k= 0,357 W/m2K), and the solidity of a composite material.

  • Solid mechanical overlap InterlokTM joint: increases the weathertightness of the door and prevents delamination.

  • Thermal break between the interior and exterior faces of each section.

  • Flexible tubular bottom weatherstripping ensuring the weathertightness of the threshold.

  • 14-gauge reinforcement plates placed in the interior of the door where hinges and handles are attached.

  • Wood end blocks provide a thermal break with the exterior of the door. Steel end caps are available as an option.

  • Door weight: 1.5 lb/ft2 (7.3 kg/m2)

Price comparison*

Door model 

Price difference compared
to the G-5000

G-1000 (aluminum of 0,60 mm)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-2000 (23 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-3000 (20/23 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-3005 (20/20 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-4400 (station service door)
R: not applicable
Because this door is fully glazed, it is
difficult to compare with others.
G-5000 (26 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-7000 (26 gauge steel)
R-12 (k=0,476 W/m 2 K)
G-8000 (24 gauge steel)
G-8500 (24 gauge steel)
R-6.6 (k=0,860 W/m 2 K)

* For a door of the same dimensions and with the same hardware system. Installation included. Manual operation. Price comparison may vary depending on the cost of the door opener and accessories.

Download the brochure PDF Document  (900 Kb)



The G-1000 is offered in 10 colors with a corrosion resistant, baked-on polyester base paint. Note this door can be repainted.

White Nordic Grey Evergreen Heron Blue
Ivory Savana Tundra Terra Brown Universal

Note that the accuracy of colors on the website may vary depending on your screen settings. To see the true colors, please contact your local Garaga dealer for a sample.

Rustic woodgrain finish on both sides of the door

Woodgrain finish Garaga garage door G-1000 




 Garage door G-1000 - 2 Grooves      Garage door G-1000 - 4 Grooves

         2 Grooved                        4 Grooved


Sealed thermal glass (total thickness: 1") are inserted into an polypropylene frame which is cast without joints and guaranteed for 10 years against any glass sealing defect. Window frames are offered in White, Brown, Desert Sand, Claystone or Dark Sand.


Scealed Windows 


Full vision window sections (service-station type) (total thickness: 5/8") are composed of glass sections, inserted into clear anodized or White pre‑painted alumimum extrusion. Several types of glass (tempered, wired, tinted, etc.) are available. Contact our customer service department.


Panoramic Windows 

Hardware System

  • 13-gauge, 2 in. (51 mm) commercial tracks (for doors of less than 140 ft2 (13 m2) or 12-gauge 3 in. (76 mm) industrial tracks.

  • Torsion spring.

  • Springs from 25,000 to 200,000 cycles (optional) are recommended for high usage doors.



Available sizes

Widths: from 5’ to 29’ 6”, in 1” increments from 1.5 m to 9 m in 25.4 mm increments

Heights: from 6’ to 24’, in 1” increments from 1.8 to 7.3 m, in 25.4 mm increments

Documents to Download

Technical DrawingAutocad Document Autocad (.ZIP file 108 Kb)

Technical DrawingPDF Document (84 Kb)

Technical SpecificationWord Document (108 Kb)

G-1000 BrochurePDF Document (900 Kb)


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