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  • Garage door repair and services in Farmington

    Our team at Midway Garage Doors is recognized throughout West Farmington and Trumbull County in Ohio for its expertise in the area of garage doors and door openers. If you experience a problem with your garage door, you can rest assured that our highly qualified technicians will quickly find the cause of the problem and offer you an effective solution. We are very aware of the importance of providing you with excellent service, which is why we suggest that you sign up for an annual Preventive Maintenance Program to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This way, your garage door system will remain secure and function at its full potential for a long time to come.

    NO PROBLEM is too difficult for us!
    Do you experience problems with your garage door opener?

    • It doesn’t work

    • It opens and closes by itself

    • It makes annoying noises

    Do you experience problems with your garage door?

    • It doesn't open, or open with difficulty

    • It doesn't close correctly, or completely

    • It doesn't reverse direction
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    24h emergency service for all your garage door repair in Farmington

    We are just a call away! Our expert technicians will promptly answer your questions, or schedule an appointment for repairing or servicing your garage door. Here are some of the services we provide:

    • Replacement and adjustment of
      • damaged sections
      • door cables
      • broken springs
      • broken or bent rollers

    • Replacement and adjustment of
      • noisy garage doors
      • bent or misaligned tracks

    • Replacement of hardware

    • Safety inspection

    • Maintenance

    No problem is too difficult for us! Entrust your garage door needs to us and we will solve them to your complete satisfaction.

    WHY CHOOSE Midway Garage Doors for your garage door repair in Farmington? Here are a few good reasons:

    • We provide emergency garage door services around the clock at (330) 889-0062.

    • We are part of the Garaga Expert Network.

      Garaga Experts - Network of Certified Specialists

    • Our technicians are certified; therefore, our services meet the highest standards of professionalism.

    • Our staff will provide professional advice because we know our products perfectly.

    • We are members of IDA - International Door Association and Regional Chamber Of Commerce.

    • IDA - International Door Association   Regional Chamber Of Commerce

    • We provide services for residential, commercial and agricultural customers

    • We cover the areas of: Cortland, Warren, West Farmington, Boardman, Youngstown, Niles, Trumbull County and surrounding.

    • We can repair any type of garage door or garage door opener, and provide replacement of parts and
      accessories for:

      Garage Door Brands

      CHI Overhead Door
      Clopay Door
      General Door
      Haas Door
      Overhead Door
      Safe-Way Door
      Wayne Dalton
        Garage Door Opener Brands

      Sears / Craftsman

    • We love our work and we pride ourselves on the services we offer.

    • Therefore, you can completely trust us! Call us today!

    What you should know about track and spring systems

    The moving part of your garage door that is subjected to the greatest tension when opening and closing the door is its spring system. This is why it’s necessary to perform regular maintenance on it and replace the springs when they’re worn. There are two types of springs: extension springs, which must be outfitted with safety cables in case of breakage, and torsion springs, which are more secure, durable and quiet. Which spring system you choose depends on how often you plan on using your garage door, the dimensions of the door and the amount of clearance above the top of the door.

    Does your garage door make a lot of noise when it opens and closes? This may be due to broken rollers or misaligned panels (causing them to rub against the tracks). This is a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored because your garage door could come off its track, endangering your family.

    At Midway Garage Doors, Steve and his technicians can perform this delicate work. They will properly remount your garage door, perfectly align the system, check the tension of the springs and perform the required maintenance to keep it in optimal condition considering the door’s age. Be aware that garage doors can derail for reasons other than normal wear and tear.

    Quality is one of the things that Garaga is known for, and they hold the component they use in their garage door systems to very high standards. If you purchase your next garage door from us, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the product and the quality of our installation, maintenance and garage door repair services in Farmington.

    Midway Garage Doors – Services and garage door repair in Farmington     Midway Garage Doors – Services and garage door repair in Farmington