Installing a garage door in winter? Yes, you can!

Some believe that installing a garage door during the winter is not a good idea. Think again! It can be done!

Whether it's for a renovation or a new construction, cold weather has no impact on changing a garage door.

House in winter with Eastman E-21 garage doors, Ice White doors and overlays, 9' x 7', 8-pane Panoramic windows


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Even though the cold can be an obstacle to completing certain kinds of exterior work, installing a garage door presents no problem. Putting in a new garage door is not a time consuming task. As well, you have no reason to worry about your home losing heat.

Our garage door professionals are true experts and are used to cold weather. They work safely, and rest assured that they will not install doors during snow or ice storms or in extreme cold.

Did you know that...having a garage door installed during the winter months is sometimes an advantage? This season is often less busy, so delivery and installation times are usually shorter.

How long does an installation take?

For a renovation

The time required to change a garage door is usually very short. The old panel sections are quickly removed and the new ones installed. The garage does not have time to cool down. It takes less than 30 minutes to change a garage door!

For a new construction

When an attached garage is being built, most of the time the owners haven't moved in yet. The contractor installs a sheet of polythene or wood to fill in the space that is ready for the garage door. This temporary installation can remain in place for a few weeks without any problems. It allows the other work to continue even if the garage door hasn't been installed.

When installing a new garage door, the installation of an electric garage door opener and the entire door hardware system, such as tracks, springs and other hardware components must also be considered. The complete installation can vary from 3 to 5 hours.

Garage door installer completing the installation of a hardware system

House under construction with double garage doors

What impacts how long an installation lasts?

The number of installers

Most of the time, it takes only one person to install a garage door. Of course, if a large number of installations are scheduled in a day, 2 technicians at work increase the speed of the installations. For garage doors 14' wide and more, 2 installers are usually needed for the installation.

The size of the door

The larger the door, the heavier it is. It may therefore require more precision during installation. A garage door less than 14' wide can be handled by one person.

One or more sections with windows

If a garage door has windows in one or more sections, its installation may also require a little more finishing time.

Replacement of parts

If, in addition to the garage door sections, you require either the replacement of your garage door opener, a hardware part or weather stripping due to a breakage, the installation will take a little longer.

Do you need preventive maintenance or repairs? Note that these services can also be performed in winter. Rain or shine, nothing can stop the installation or care of your garage door!

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