July 22, 2016

The Best Way to Choose and Match Exterior Home Colors


Are you repainting your home or building a new one? If so, you’ve probably already spent hours looking at paint sample after paint sample, wondering how you’ll ever figure out which colors will look best for your home’s exterior. For the best results, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

Some Universal Guidelines

Three basic features influence the look of every home:

  • The exterior covering material:
    • Some materials include pressed wood siding, vinyl siding, brick, and stone.
    • Most houses don’t have just one material but rather a combination, like brick and vinyl siding.
    • The exterior covering materials on your home will take up most of the street-facing surface of the house.
  • What color(s) you choose for your detail work, such as your garage doors, your entry doors, and your windows and trim.
  • Decorative elements, like railings, cornices, and shutters, will need to match or complement the main color of your house.

Architectural Style Matters

You want to avoid choosing a color that clashes with your home’s architectural style. A bright coral exterior might be right at home in Miami, and country-style homes look beautiful in a range of bright colors, but those colors won’t work well on a Victorian or Colonial style home.

In addition to the architecture, you’ll also want to think about your home’s surroundings, including your landscaping. Think of how the colors of your home’s exterior will work with or against the trees, flowers, and shrubs in your yard, as well as how your home catches natural light from the sun throughout the day.

Finally, think beyond your yard for a moment. The architecture and style of your neighbors’ houses should be a consideration, as well. You don’t necessarily want the same color as your next door neighbor’s home, but you don’t want your house to stick out and look out of place. Furthermore, in some areas, you can get cited and fined for painting your home the wrong color. So check on those regulations and any homeowners’ association limitations that may be in play.

Bringing Your Home’s Exterior Together

Want to know the key to creating an harmonious style for your home’s exterior? Choose a main color that works well with your location and your home’s style. Then, choose complementary colors for the doors and details. This will create a nice contrast that will give your home a gorgeous look.

When choosing that main color, remember that in most cases natural and neutral colors are the best bet. Then you can go with bolder complementary colors for smaller details like window trim and the front door. Doing this will give you the colors you want without overwhelming the eye.

Peruse through a few paint companies websites and use their tools to get a better idea of what your colors will look like together.

Two Key Elements: The Front Door and the Garage Door

As you choose the color for your front door, go with something that complements the dominant color of your home’s exterior. You can choose something bright and bold or something subtler, depending on your style.

Don’t just match your garage door to your front door. Instead, remember that your garage door takes up a lot of surface space, especially if it’s a double door that’s 16 feet wide, and shouldn’t be too distracting. A good idea is to go with a lighter color or match the color to the house and paint the frame and/or trim the same color as your window trim. Avoid darker colors or set them off with lighter accents and details, like potted plants or outdoor lanterns.

If you’re thinking of adding windows to your garage door, be sure that you coordinate them with your front door. For a better idea of what will look best, visit Garaga’s Design Centre and get a free quote.

Now you should have all the key information for creating a gorgeous and unique style and look for the exterior of your home. For more information on all of your garage door needs, contact us and we’ll help you make the best choice for your style and your budget.

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