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Do you need to have a new door for your garage? Maybe you are building a garage and believe that you need to get a standard-size door. What does this mean though? How large is a standard garage door?
Do you love the idea of an all-glass garage door? Chances are good that you’ve seen them before – they’re found in restaurants and many other places. You may have even seen them on Instagram and other social media outlets.
If you are ready to add a little curb appeal to your property and refresh your look, there is nothing better than getting a shiny new garage door. You can take things up another notch by adding a new garage door and complimentary outdoor lighting.
When building a garage, which type of lighting is best? Or for those of us with existing garages, what to do if our current lighting just isn’t enough? What about fixtures for the exterior of my home, are they necessary? Good lighting is always important. It provides safety, prevents accidents, brightens your space and reduces eye-strain… even in the garage! In this blog post, let’s look at our favorite tips to help you brighten your space.
Are you repainting your home or building a new one? If so, you’ve probably already spent hours looking at paint sample after paint sample, wondering how you’ll ever figure out which colors will look best for your home’s exterior. For the best results, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

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