How does your commercial garage door reflect on your business?

The front of your business reflects what people see in your business. If you have a garage that’s visible to customers, you need to make sure your commercial garage door makes the right impression. When you’ve been in business for a lot of years and you have a steady base of customers, you don’t want them to see your business looking anything less than its best. Does your business send the right message to the public?

If you’re not sure, or you think you might need an update, we’ve got the information that you need. Keep reading to find out what you need to know when it comes to your commercial garage door.

Commercial garage door

Commercial garage doors don’t have to be boring

There are endless choices for garage door styles, even in the commercial market. When it comes to garage door design, most people think of residential garage doors. However, there are actually more styles than people realize that will create a dynamic look and offer a more unique finish than a standard door.

Garaga actually manufactures a number of metal doors that feature embossed designs for the commercial market specifically. Some of the models available include:

  • Our classic Grooved door, which features one‑inch lines across the sections
Standard+, Grooved, 9x7, Black
Standard+, Moderno 2 beads, 9x7, Charcoal
  • The Flush model, which is free from any embossing on the door panels
Standard+, Flush, 9x7, Ice White

If you’re curious, you can check our doors out for yourself. Just go to our virtual Design Centre and create your own 10x10 foot garage door. Then, you can consider how much it might add to your business. For extra confirmation of your choice, upload a picture of your existing garage space and you can try the door before you buy.

If you’re considering alternative designs, think about using your door as another advertising solution. Depending on your local building regulations, you can have custom vinyl decals made for the doors that will advertise your name, company information, or logo and make your business easy to find. Not only is this cheap marketing, but it offers a unique design that’s sure to get noticed.

Do you need windows?

If you want to add another unique feature to your door or have a purpose for them, windows are a good choice. Look around at the car dealerships in your neighborhood. Notice how many of them have all‑glass garage doors. This not only gives them free light, but it gives customers transparency because they can see everything that’s going on. Showrooms are often all‑glass to deter thieves from entering the property after hours.

Another example of this is your local fire station. They have all‑glass doors to offer reassurance to citizens that they are waiting and ready to help whenever an emergency arises. Think about what even a few windows could do for your commercial garage door.

Plus, you don’t have to choose just basic glass windows. There are actually over 25 possible options for window glass on your garage doors, including clear, gray, tinted, fluted, glue chip, and more.

There are some instances where windows or all‑glass doors are not the best idea. Security is a big issue for a lot of people. For example, if you want to keep thieves out and keep items hidden from view, you may opt for small windows on the top of the garage door instead of larger windows that are down lower. The great thing about windows is that they can be whatever you want them to be.

Is it time to upgrade your door?

If, after reading this, you’ve decided it’s time to retire your old commercial door, we’re here to help. If you are in the Cortland or West Farmington area, contact us today at 1-866-573-3667.

Our technicians can answer all of your questions and provide a helpful, detailed email quotation on request. You can also choose to come to our showroom and see our doors for yourself. If you need a little extra inspiration, we can show you our commercial doors image gallery.

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