June 12, 2020

Change up your garage by making it a game room

Maybe you have already been through the toddler and tween years, and you’re living with teenagers now, so the old play area in the basement is now an extra bedroom and bathroom to accommodate your family. If you’re wondering where to store your beloved air hockey table or pool table, we have some suggestions. Investing a bit into your garage and rearranging the things within can let you keep having a good time with your friends and children in a specific area.

Below we’ll be sharing a few ideas on how to morph your garage into a game room. We’ll offer a bit of inspiration that will help you move forward and get things done.

Game Room

Garages can be versatile and used for many things

The garage isn’t somewhere you may think about a lot, but it’s become common for it to be an extension of the home that can meet some of your family needs. Sure, it’s mainly used for park vehicles, and you might add a space for DIY projects or store non‑perishable foods. Then you bring in keepsakes and an extra freezer or fridge. Some people even use their garage to hold their washer and dryer.

Once you’re to a stage where even the basement is used for other things, moving your game area might be unavoidable. Shifting things to the garage can work well if you take the time to plan the process out.

Tips and tricks for creating a successful plan

So, you have the agreement of the family to start the project, and you’re ready to start things going. Here are some ideas to help:

  • Move vehicles outside
    If it’s allowed in your area, consider installing a car shelter outside in the winter to keep the weather away from your car. This means no worrying about removing snow from the vehicle before you head out to work. There are even some shelters for vehicles that can fit two cars at once.
  • Take a few simple measurements
    Some things might be best kept in the garage rather than in a shed or outside. You can use graph paper to create a plan trying to be as much to scale as you can to determine how much space is available. You’ll want to add in window locations and other fixed items like ducts for heating and water. While it’s a bit more challenging, a 3D drawing is best, so add height to the drawing. As an example, let’s say you have a staircase from the garage to the basement. You can think about ways to use the space over the stairs to hold some of your belongings. It’s also important to consider the area over the garage door, especially when your ceilings are high.
  • Start adding items onto your draft paper
    If you have an air hockey table, measure it and think about where it should go. Consider whether it will be on wheels or fixed. The same thing should be done for all other items you want to bring into the garage, including storage space you might need in the future. Think about brainstorming with the rest of your family as they may have ideas that you wouldn’t consider on your own.
Game Room
  • Consider a list for renovation
    Some of the things at the top of your list might include repainting your concrete floors and the walls. If you're going for long‑term, think about using epoxy paint, which can even incorporate decorative flakes to give a finished look to the family game room.

    As far as colors go, pale hues are best if the garage is made for a single vehicle. Darker colors on the ceiling can make it feel lower to the ground and make the space more intimate. While you're making this list, look at electrical work that might need done such as adding lighting or electrical outlets. It might also be useful to consider any plumbing change you'll need.

Start removing all of that clutter

At this point, you have a plan, and you know how you want to carry it out. The next step is determining what items should stay in the garage, which can be put in the trash, and which ones can be donated. While it can be disheartening to remove items with sentimental value, prioritizing while you go through this process can help you ensure you keep the essential items and let go of things that are less essential.

Whatever you save can be kept in plastic bins or cabinets. Cardboard boxes should be avoided since they draw in moisture as time goes on and result in musty scents.

Don’t forget about the importance of comfort

This all might seem like tons of work, and you may want to do it gradually. That’s up to you, but you should make sure that the space is inviting and enjoyable to enter during all stages. The colors on the walls and the lighting can go a long way toward creating a cozy space. If you plan to add a television and couch, add a few rugs to ensure things look more finished.

Types of games to add to the garage

We’ve mentioned air hockey a couple of times, but you may be wondering what other games might fit into this kind of space.

  • Ping‑pong
  • Foosball
  • Darts
  • Video games
  • Pinball machine
  • Pool
  • Putting green
  • Blackjack or Poker Table

Game Room

There are tons of options if you take some time to consider them. In the end, it's your choice of how you want to customize the game room to meet your family's needs and your budget.

Even the garage door needs to be considered

Before now, we haven’t talked about the garage door, which can be regarded as a fourth wall. For the top comfort, you want a garage door that is well insulated and weathertight to offer protection from the heat, the humidity, and the cold.

If you are located in the West Farmington or Cortland area, you can contact us at 1-866-573-3667.

We have better knowledge of garage doors than anyone else out there. We’re happy to advise you on the right garage door system to meet your budget and needs. We can even send you an email quotation if needed.

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