August 8, 2017

Glass garage doors – a world of versatility

glass garage doors

People the world over are increasingly turning their back gardens into outdoor living spaces; places you can relax just as comfortably as inside, places you can admire nature, and moreover, places you can enjoy time with friends and family.

It might sound strange, but garage doors don’t always have to be used on garages…

Take, for example, a glass garage door like Garaga’s California model. You could install this garage door onto a solid wood structure so it can serve as a partition or curtain wall. You could even have two garage doors installed to create a mini outdoor room, where you can entertain friends and family right next to your pool or hot tub.

All-glass garage doors can be used to create a trendy-bistro vibe on your patio, much more attractive than a gazebo! There are so many different glass choices available, you could opt for tinted class in a range of colours, such as blue, grey or even bronze, or you could go for traditional clear glass. There are close to 20 different glass choices, so you can really let your imagination run wild. However, we do recommend using tempered glass for both single and double-paned windows for safety purposes.

If this kind of project sounds interesting, but you’re not really sure to start, why not browse through some websites, such as Houzz and Pinterest, where you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration. We had a quick look and these are some of our preferred projects using all-glass garage doors.

behind pool
Install a garage door behind your swimming pool to open it out onto your living space, what a great idea!
see garden
You could even install a garage door onto the back wall of your home so you can see your family playing in the garden!
This trendy-bistro setting ticks all the right boxes for summer dinner parties!
living space
Incorporate your garden into your living space
family room
Install a garage door onto your family room so you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather!
industrial look
This industrial look dining area was created by overlapping two garage doors, it’s possible, even if you have a sloped roof!

If this is the kind of project you can see yourself taking on

Get in touch with us at 330-889-0062. As experts in our field, we know all about residential and commercial uses for garage doors, and we can even suggest some options that might surprise you. If you would prefer, send us a request for a quote online, or come down to our showroom, where one of our team will show you the complete range of glass garage doors on the market.

If you’re unsure how a glass garage door would look on your home, have a play around with our Design Centre tool. You can also browse our image gallery for inspiration.

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