Let’s Throw a Party…in the Garage!

Let’s Throw a Party…in the Garage!

Are you planning a birthday party, office get-together, graduation celebration, or holiday party? Are you expecting a larger-than-normal group? If so, this is the perfect time to use your garage as the perfect party space! You don’t need to worry about squeezing all of those people into your home when the garage has plenty of room available. It can also double as an extra patio space when your party gets rained out. With some space and a little imagination, anything is possible in the garage!

Party spaces work best in a two-car garage, where there is some available room to seat guests without feeling too crowded. But before you set up the decorations, check out these simple tips to help turn your party into a great one.

Clean and camouflage

The first thing you’ll want to do before inviting any guests over is to clean out your garage. Start with the largest objects in your garage, such as tractors, bicycles, and other seasonal items. You can easily place them in the backyard or under a tarp for protection.

You’ll likely need to wash the floors and walls of your garage as well. Try to dust surfaces as well as change dead light bulbs and provide adequate lighting for your guests.

Conceal any of the larger objects that can’t be moved. By using lightly-colored plastic tablecloths, for example, it will help keep the garage from being cluttered as well as clear up any space.

Invest in chairs, tables, and décorations

You can borrow, rent, or even purchase plastic tables and chairs for your party. The best idea is to see if you can acquire folding chairs, as it will help minimize space and keep things light and portable. As a last resort, you can ask your guests to provide their own chairs.

Consider what decorations you have, both inside and outside of your garage. If there is good weather in the forecast, you can use mood-setting decorations such as oil lamps, Tiki torches, or paper lanterns. A white string of Christmas lights helps enhance the mood even further, creating a warm look for your guests. Consider investing in some bug repellant if you’re afraid of a swarm during the summer season. If you have a fridge in your garage, you can use it to store cold beers instead of passing coolers around.

Utilize all of the space you have available to you. This includes the driveway in front of the garage, the walls of the garage, the roof, and even the sides of your yard.

What about food and drink?

Plan your menu around what type of party you are planning. If it’s a casual summer get-together, you may want to limit your plates to finger food and snacks. For large groups, you can cook several meals, or you can make it fun by creating a potluck. Ask everyone to bring a dish and contribute to the wealth of goodies that will be available at your party. Keep drink options simple with beer, wine, soft drinks, and water. If you don’t have too much of a budget, you can always make the party BYOB to help reduce costs. That way, your guests can bring whatever they like and enjoy the party in whichever way they desire.

Final thoughts

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your neighbors are aware of the fact that you’ll be having a party. Even if you are having a calm evening get-together, it’s still best to let them know that you may be making a little noise. If the party gets loud, that’s a good sign that everyone is having a good time! However, don’t let the neighbors be caught unaware. Be considerate and talk to them about the event you’re planning.

In need of a new garage door?

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