March 30, 2018

Are you looking for carriage house garage door inspiration? We can help!

Carriage House Door

When you think about the carriage house style, you might immediately think of a classic era home filled with luxury and warmth. It’s a world where both craftmanship and countryside are common desires. It’s not hard to see why it’s a desirable style in any era.

If you have nostalgia, you are far from alone. Things like 50s and 60s country-style swing garage doors have been all the rage since around 2000. It’s a fantastic way to live an urban life while having an environment that feels more rural and older. This trend has led to manufacturers of metal garage doors bringing this style to the forefront. Many have adapted their metal doors to look as if they were made of wood, but without the disadvantages that wooden garage doors have, especially as relating to maintenance.

At Garaga, they have also broadened our line of carriage house style doors to 7 different door models. Before you decide which door is right for you, we’ll give you a bit of information on which doors fit what type of architecture as you consider your options.

What home styles look best with carriage house garage doors?

If you think of your home as having a personality, traits like classic, traditional, welcoming, and historical might be words used for a home that would mesh well with a carriage house garage door. Many of these homes offer certain architectural elements that are unique, like lattice windows, dormer windows, stair railings, and wide porches complete with overhanging roofs.

Standard+ North Hatley SP, 9' x 7', Ice White, 8 lite Orion With Light

The Garaga selection of garage door styles

Garaga garage doors are known for a vintage and unique feel with handcrafted elements to set your door apart. Some of the models offered are below:

Eastman E-21, 9’ x 7’, Dark Sand door and Ice White overlays, Clear Panoramic windows
Eastman E‑21, 9’ x 7’, Dark  Sand  door
and Ice   White overlays,
Clear Panoramic windows
Standard+ Prestige XL, 9’ x 7’, Desert Sand, 8 lite Orion windows
Standard+ North Hatley LP, 9’ x 7’,
Desert Sand, 8 lite
 Orion  windows
Standard+ Shaker XL, 9’ x 7’, Ice White, Clear windows
Standard+ Shaker XL, 9’ x 7’,
Ice White, Clear windows
Cambridge CM, 16’ x 7’, Ice White, 4 lite Orion windows
Cambridge CM, 16’ x 7’,
Ice White, 4 lite Orion windows

Be different by adding windows!

Any home with a country or traditional style is going to mesh well with a carriage house style garage door. One of the companies with a wide selection of various size windows is Garaga. Most homes in traditional or country styles blend well with carriage house garage doors. Garaga has a wide choice of

There are all sorts of window types to fit your style. You can go with traditional clear glass or try printing process. Textured or satin glass is also available with grids or plastic inserts between the panes.

Numerous choices of windows are available

Arch Overlay - 8 lites Panoramic

To finish off with a unique touch, try some decorative hardware

Do you appreciate the aesthetic of wrought iron handles and hinges found on swing doors? You can outfit your garage door with the same hardware to add a dose of charm to your home.

Decorative Hardware

If you like these models, but want to see more…

Simply contact us at 1-866-573-3667. You are also welcome to visit our showroom for a closer look. If you prefer, we can also send you a detailed written quotation by email, offering you several choices to consider.

Those who are building a new home or doing renovations can also visit our Design Centre, or take a look at our image gallery to get an idea what your new garage door could look like!

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